Hösten är verkligen mysig !

Jag ska ta tag i bloggen för att skriva av mig . Så mycket som sker . Ska försöka uppdatera utseendet på bloggen samt försöka uppdatera oftare nu.

Kaos är mitt liv men det finns så mycket bra i det också

Välkommen hösten

Publicerat av

About Hi, I’m Anne Sarap! The not so famous carfreak With à Zoo at Home ! Yup, you’re here alright. So let’s see if this will make your day. I’m a crazy Estonian girl who like to take a step in the wrong direction! In other words I love going my own way! The pinky site is everything I’m not but my friends say I have to fit in the box so I’m fitting in the box with pinky stuff .So this my website where I’m gonna make your life a little more boring probably BUT I’ll show you the cool stuff but also the reality in life for example my life with my brain damaged brother whom I so dearly care about and actually take care of . So read a couple of things about me and maybe enjoy some of the time here ! I promise to show you the fancy cars or maybe just a Nissan Micra who knows what out of the box of idea I’ll get. BTW I got a black cat , 3 white and a tiger yep My own little tiger and 3 wolfies (of course I’m mean 3 huskys don’t worry I haven’t yet kidnapped a wolf ) Over and out the Missy is off !

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